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28/06/2019 4:05 pm  


 BASHI/BTC price can soar to 0.00002050 according to the price analysis of John Todorov senior trader at crypto trading platform. Trading week ended with the token accomplishing some incredible milestone in is later days as the token crossed the 0.00001250 BTC mark on Friday.

The buyers were able to raise the price to 0.00001550 BTC without facing any major resistance. Bitcoin BTC price chart by on a four-hour timeframe, we can observe that the buyers stopped momentarily without facing any resistance, and after some concise consolidation the price surged. This surge was a result of an attempt by sellers to launch a counterattack that failed immediately.

 There was a large volume by sellers aimed at lowering the price, however, the huge demand by the buyers forced them to retreat. Buyers felt the main opposition at 0.00001550 BTC and the price dropped by approximately 1.5%.

After this, the price stabilized 0.00001250 BTC and 0.00001550 BTC while buyers are on the offensive trying to break through the resistance. In this week the buyers were able to significantly increase their marginal position especially over the last 24-hours at which they began closing their positions. On the other hand, the sellers had the same pattern however, they did not increase their positions that actively.


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