How can I get a coi...

How can I get a coin listed on Dagx?  


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24/04/2019 12:44 pm  

We don't have a definitive set of criteria as each project is unique. We listen to the community and select projects that we believe are unique, innovative, and that our users would be interested in trading. We also look for products that have strong (organic) market demand. The developers/leads of any token exchanged on the platform must have fully verified accounts. Since tracking down dev teams and requesting ID verification can be quite time consuming, this is something the project team could do in advance to greatly expedite the process, in the event we do decide to list. Note: We Do accept payment for listing, but If you are contacted by any party soliciting payments while claiming to represent Dagx, notify us immediately.

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03/06/2019 7:26 pm  


I left a request for coin listing thru the phone with one of your agents. He called me on the 3rd day with the approval. That was amazingly fast and professional. Just found out that dagx are listing new coin every week. 

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