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09/07/2019 5:06 pm  

Bashi coin has continued its momentum in the past week that has forced players sitting on the sidelines to jump in. As a result, bashi coin price surged from 0.00001250 to 0.00001650 BTC within 24 hours.

Within two weeks, the BASHI/BTC pair skyrocketed from 0.00001020 to 0.00001860 BTC. That is a rally of 48.60% within a short span of time. The 20-week EMA is sloping up and the RSI is in overbought territory, which suggests that the bulls have the upper hand.

The pair is now likely to move up to 0.00002050 which is a critical resistance. After such a sharp up move, Jeremy Martinez from anticipates the digital currency to enter a minor pullback or a consolidation closer to 0.00001984 BTC.

Any dip will find support at 0.00001880 but if this level breaks, the cryptocurrency will re-enter the ascending channel. It will signal a deeper correction if it breaks down of this channel.

Contrary to Martinez's assumption, if the cryptocurrency breaks out of 0.00001984 BTC, it can spike to 0.00003050, but we give this a very low probability of occurring in the short term.

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